Managing Your Event

Approximately 1 month prior to your event, you will receive an email from the JWGA Playday Chair with details of your event and what is expected from you and your Pro Shop. Members should register for a JW tournament through our JWGA Website/tournament management software OR by contacting the Tournament Management Manager responsible for your event. If you receive requests to sign up or cancel,, please let the Tournament Management Manager know. To view registrations, go to – Schedule – click on your event – View – Tee Sheet or Players.

Club Representative Responsibilities

You are the direct link with our members. Without your enthusiasm, help, and cooperation our organization would suffer.

Your JW responsibilities are varied.


  • Work with the VP when a business meeting/luncheon is at your club.
  • If you have changes in course rating or slope or the name of your Pro, complete and submit the change form under Contact – Contact the Entire Board. The information will be utilized by the appropriate Board members.
  • JWGA has established their own local rules which can be viewed on our website. If there are special conditions for your playday beyond the JWGA local rules, please submit them to the Playday Chair and the Rules Chair for consideration.
  • Inform your Pro and your club members about the year-end distribution of Points, etc.


  • The JWGA Tournament Management Manager will give your Pro access to our Tournament Management software for this event with a request to print scorecards and name plates.
  • Coordinate with your pro shop (check in procedure, scorecards, cart signs), dining room (food & payment requirements), golf maintenance (rain?), etc
  • In advance of the event, discuss with the appropriate management, the JW Hole-In-One drink policy (i.e. house wine/beer only, one drink limit, max dollar amount) and arrange for special pricing (e.g. happy hour prices).
  • Coordinate with the Match Play or Stroke Play Chairman as necessary.
  • After Golf Genius registration closes, any additions or cancellations need to be communicated to the Tournament Management Manager responsible for your event. You will find her name on the Portal.
  • The tee sheet with pairings will be released to the portal shortly after the 48 hour cancellation policy expires. Go to the JWGA Tournament Management Portal and print a list for check-in.
  • The Playday Chair will provide a format sheet (cart sheet). Please ask your Pro Shop print one copy for each cart.
  • A Rules Quiz will be provided by the Rules Chair. Please ask your Pro Shop to make and distribute one copy for each cart.
  • Be available to assist in scoring and compiling the results.
  • Notify the Treasurer of any cancellations or no-shows within 48 hours of the tee time. The JW policy is to charge members regardless of the excuse in fairness to everyone.
  • Work with the pro shop to determine whether they will charge for any late cancellations or no-shows and notify the Treasurer.
  • Confirm that all financial obligations (golf and food) have been resolved as soon as possible.


  • Opening Play Day — collect and distribute the new directories to your members.
  • Encourage your members to participate in our events.
  • Random check on Handicap Indexes (as necessary)
  • Assist the Golf Committee Chairman in making arrangements to play at your course (including the negotiating phase) as necessary.
  • Keep an eye out for members of your club who might be interested in learning more about membership in JWGA. The application is now on the website. Click on Membership – Become a New Member – scroll down to download and complete the JWGA Membership Application.

Keys to a Successful Club Rep

  1. Remind your Pro about JWGA’s leadership and role among all ladies organizations in our area.
  2. Tell him/her about our unique history and a great membership.
  3. Make sure your Pro knows how many of your club’s members are in JW.
  4. Explain to your Pro how winnings from JW come back to his Pro Shop.
  5. Describe the quid pro quo arrangement that JW has with all area clubs.
  6. Speak directly and strongly about costs and travel issues our membership faces.
  7. Negotiate rates that are in line with guest days at your club or special arrangements they have with other clubs.
  8. Be aggressive and firm, our success depends on you!
  1. Identify when course maintenance is being scheduled that might conflict with play (i.e. over seeding, aeration, renovation) and pass this along to the Golf Chairman as soon as you can.
  2. Consider the conditions of your course in relation to the time of year that is best for play. Make sure the Golf Chair understands these issues before she starts to make her schedule.
  3. Determine the maximum number of players allowed, as well as the minimum number, so events can be matched to the course.
  1. Some Private Clubs require approval of the Board for any events at the club. These are especially important groups for us to target. We want to make presentations to these groups so they can understand how JW has been able to be the oldest ladies golf organization in the nation. Who we are and how their club being on our schedule speaks highly of them.
  2. Identify the pros and cons to JW visiting your club and discuss these issues with the Golf Chairman. These range from preferring every other year scheduling to Monday’s only to the time of year. The Golf Chairman can take these issues into account when she makes her preliminary schedules to help you get on the schedule.
  3. Work your JW membership to help you lobby this Board on our behalf.
  1. This may sound strange, but it is important that you enlighten your ladies about JWGA. Build a positive foundation for them to understand who we are and what we do.
  2. Encourage your ladies to join JW and help them understand our requirements. You are our ambassador and you carry our image. The more ladies we have in JW the stronger we are in the area.
  • You are our saleswoman, our negotiator, our saving grace.
  • You know the efforts of our group to travel throughout the area to play golf each week.
  • You know how important it is for everyone to support each club. This is what makes it easier on you the next time you are asked to step up.