Are you new to JWGA?

How do I sign up for an event?
You can sign up by completing the online signup form found under each event in the Schedule at a Glance on the Home page. You can also call the event contact – usually the club rep – or send an email using the Contact link on the website.

What happens if you don’t cancel in time?
Any cancellation of golf and/or luncheon reservations must be made 48 hours prior to the tee time, or the member will be charged full price for golf and/or luncheon. You will receive an email and a bill from the Treasurer for the total charge for the day.

What are points and how are they earned?
One Point is awarded for participation, and additional points are awarded for play accomplishments. At the end of the year, the points are totaled, their value determined, and checks are mailed to each member’s club for use by that member for club purchases.

What if I join just before the season ends?
To confirm acceptance to join, a new member is asked to pay full annual dues. This entitles the member to any points and prizes earned during the season. If a new member joins within four (4) play days remaining, she may opt to have the dues payment credited toward the coming season and in exchange, she will not be eligible for points or prizes for the rest of the current season (the four play days left).

Membership Requirements

To become a member of JWGA, the applicant must be a resident of a county in the First Coast (Nassau, Duval, Clay or St. Johns) or a member of a golf club located in one of those counties.

Prospective members must have a handicap index within the specified JWGA limit and have maintained that handicap index for at least the last 90 consecutive days prior to the date of application. A prospective member must have 6 recorded scores during this 90 day period and 2 recorded scores in the 30 day period immediately preceding the date of application.

Currently the handicap index is: 16.0

Two current JWGA members are required to sponsor an applicant. Each sponsor must be a member for at least 2 years and have played with the applicant a minimum of TWO times.

Dues Renewal
The deadline for Dues Renewal is June 15. If dues are not received by June 15, a $10 late fee will be assessed.

To be eligible for renewal, an active registered handicap is required.

If a member has resigned, she may request to be considered for reinstatement if her current handicap index is 20.0 or less and it has been maintained at that level for at least the past 90 consecutive days. Requests for reinstatement must be in writing, sent to the membership chair, and can be submitted to the Board at any time. Reinstated members are subject to a handicap limit of 25.

Once the applicant meets the above requirements, the sponsor should proceed to download and complete the JWGA Membership Application. The completed application and a printout of the handicap index history for the past 90 consecutive days should be sent to the Membership Chair. Note: the prospective member SHOULD NOT complete the application!

New Member Guidance

We are delighted that you are now a new member.  JWGA is a very historic organization founded in 1927 to promote the interest of golf among its members and is now a vibrant organization of 200+ women.

Mission Statement

The foremost mission of JWGA is to promote friendship and a high level of golf competition among its members and at all times to encourage, promote and require the highest standards of civility, on-course behavior, integrity of the rules of golf and respect for our fellow members and the professional staff of the clubs where we play.  Falling short on any of these ideals is unacceptable and may lead to reprimand, suspension and even expulsion from JWGA at the discretion of the Board.

The following information will acquaint you with our organization and help you get off to a smooth start.

A. JWGA Board:  The JWGA Board manages the activities of the organization.  It is comprised of Officers elected every 2 years by our membership and appointed Committee Chairpersons.  To view our current management team, select “About JWGA/Our People” from the menus on our website.

B. JWGA Yearbook:  JWGA publishes a yearly booklet, which will be given to each member upon her acceptance and annually on Opening Day.  This booklet contains a wealth of information about our membership and should be with you whenever you play.

C. JWGA Website:  The JWGA website address is This site contains the most current information on all of the activities of JWGA.

D. JWGA Email Blasts:  You will occasionally receive an email from our current President with announcements on important topics so please keep us informed if your address changes.

E.  Play Day Procedures

    • When you arrive at the course, go to the Pro Shop or special table set up for JW check-in to pay for your round.  Payment is made via check or cash…no credit cards.
    • Scorecards for the play day must be signed, dated, attested, and turned in to the scorer immediately following completion of the round.
    • If you have to cancel for the play day, call the Club Rep for that specific course.  In the event you do not know until the morning of play, call the Pro Shop.  Please inform someone!   Please be aware that you will be charged in the event of any cancellation within 48 hours of the scheduled tee time.
    • Inclement Weather – JWGA will not cancel an event, and relies on the professional staff at the golf courses to determine if a course must be closed which would then suspend play.

F.  Future Play Procedures

    • Generally, the registration for an event begins 3-4 weeks in advance.  Several registrations can be running concurrently.
    • To sign up, click on the “Register” button on our website home page.  Select the appropriate tournament and fill in the registration form.  For events that are Pairings Arranged, you can only sign up yourself.  For all other events, you can sign up yourself and up to 3 other members.  Be sure that others have consented to play before including them on your submission.
    • A list of current players based on registrations already received can be seen by clicking on “Register” – “List of Participants”.  When signing up, you can request to be part of a certain pairing as long as there is a vacancy…simply include your request in your submission.  Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • If you are unable to sign up online, call or email the person responsible for the event listed on the portal for that course.  She will include you in a pairing.  She should also be contacted if cancellation becomes necessary.
    • In the portal, click on “tee sheet” to view pairings and starting holes.  The tee sheet will be posted 24-48 hours ahead of the event.
    • In most cases, any upcoming tournaments, luncheons or other JW activities will be posted on the website.  In addition, you will receive email reminders.

G.  Multi-Day Tournaments (Handicap, Senior/Super Senior, Sarah Shelly, and Championship)

    • Some of our tournaments generally span several weeks.  If you are unable to play in the tournament, but wish to play at an individual course included in the tournament, you can still register as NIT (not in tournament) using the online form or by contacting the designated person responsible for the event.

H.  Lunches and General Meetings

    • There are four business meeting luncheons each year (Opening Day, Christmas, Anniversary Tournament, and Closing Day).  The dates are in our JW book.
    • Any cancellations of luncheon reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled event, or the member will be charged.

I.  Participation Requirements and Point Distribution

    • Generally, there are no participation requirements to remain a member of JWGA.
    • To be eligible to WIN the Championship, a member must have played in 5 play days and attended one business meeting/luncheon prior to the start of this tournament.
    • Points are awarded for both participation and play accomplishments.  At the end of the year, the points are totaled, their value determined, and checks are mailed to each member’s club for use by that member for club purchases.

J.  Dues

    • Dues are paid upon acceptance of membership and annually thereafter no later than June 15.  Late fees apply if paid after this date.
    • Currently, dues are $80 for the first year of membership and $75 thereafter.  The late fee if paid after June 15 is an additional $10.