As a JWGA member, please follow these General Policies and Procedures

    1. Be “on time” which is when announcements begin: 15 minutes prior to the shotgun start time. Players are responsible for knowing the shotgun starting times. Only players teeing off within the shotgun are eligible to compete in the day’s event.
    2. As a member, you can play anytime JWGA has a playday whether or not a Tournament is also in progress (i.e. Sarah Shelly, Handicap, Championship). If there are at least 9 players NOT in the “tournament of the day”, we will pay points for low gross/low net based on the number of players. So come on out!
    3. All JWGA events must be played on the scheduled day and scheduled course.
    4. Scorecards must include the first and last name of each competitor and her current course handicap. Cards must be added, signed and attested. In a team event, the scores which are to count must be identified.
    5. The Golf Committee shall consist of the Rules Chair, Playday Chair and Majors Chair, and possibly the Club Pro or affected Committee Chair, if appropriate.
    6. Except as outlined in the respective tournaments, ties in playdays will be decided by back 9 total, back 6 total (holes 12 – 18), back 3 total (holes 16 – 18) and finally 18th hole. If this procedure does not produce a winner, the Golf Committee shall decide by the front 9 total, front 6 total (holes 3 – 9), front 3 total (holes 7 – 9) and finally 9th hole.
    7. Every putt must be holed out unless the tournament of the day specifies otherwise. Please note that when counting putts, you should count ONLY the strokes made while on the green surface. If a stroke is made off of the green, do not include it in your total putts regardless of whether you were previously on the green or which club you use.
    8. It is expected that all players will complete the round in accordance with the game being played that day. For example, all holes in an individual event MUST be completed and the appropriate score recorded. In some but not all team events, it may be acceptable to pick up depending on the results of your teammates and your equitable score recorded as appropriate. If you do decide to pick up outside of these guidelines, no results will be recorded for you for that day including Putts.
    9. Please be considerate of your fellow players and keep pace with the group in front of you. Should it become necessary to monitor slow play, established procedures for doing so may be invoked by the Golf Committee at their discretion. Under normal conditions (e.g. no cart path restrictions, etc.), a round should be completed in under 4 ½ hours (approximately 15 minutes per hole). You are out of position if:
      • You reach a par 3 and the green is clear,
      • You reach the tee on a par 5 and the preceding group is on the green,
      • Your group fails to clear the tee of a par 4 before the group in front of you clears the green.

      Any player cited for slow play by the Golf Committee will be given a notification by email of the offense. A second offense will result in a formal warning letter issued addressing the violation and consequences of future slow play violations. Any subsequent offense after the formal warning letter has been issued will result in a reprimand and will fall under the guidelines outlined in Article IX Discipline and Dismissal section of our Constitution.

    10. It is each player’s responsibility to adhere to appropriate registration and/or cancellation policies.
    11. If you need to cancel a playday/luncheon after registration is closed, please contact the Golf Genius Manager responsible for the event either via email or phone call at least 48 hours prior to the tee time or you will be charged the full price for golf and/or luncheon. If phoning, please speak directly with the Golf Genius Manager – do not leave a message with a 3rd party! The Golf Genius Manager is in the best position to confirm that you will not be on the final list that is presented to the club. To play in future events, you must settle any outstanding debts.
    12. Hole-In-One. Members are covered up to $500.00 for a hole-in-one, to be used the day of the event, as part of our annual dues. The treasurer or her representative shall monitor the bar bill so that the total shall not exceed this amount. Exception: If there are more than 80 players, up to $750 may be authorized by the President.
    13. Spectator Policy – The JWGA highly encourages friends and relatives to follow players as a gallery during a tournament. However, please note that USGA Rule 8-1 states that a player may receive advice only from her caddy or partner. The penalty is two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play.