Points are a way of returning excess funds to members once the expenses of the past season have been paid.  For that reason, the value of a point is not determined until the end of the season and may fluctuate from year to year.  Points are earned during the season through active participation in weekly events as seen below.  The more you participate, the more opportunity you will have to earn points.


1 point Participation at event
2 points Eagle/hole in one

3rd place in flight

3 points Low putts

2nd place in flight

4 points 1st place in flight


Some points may be paid regardless of event type (e.g. participation, hole in one) and others may be paid to flight winners in lieu of cash prizes.  As an example, our major tournaments pay cash prizes to winners but if there are at least 9 people playing as Not In Tournament (NIT), the NITs may be eligible to earn points.  A different example is the Grandmother tournament where cash will be paid to the overall winner but the remainder of the field will be eligible to earn flight winner points.  In general, you cannot earn flight winner points if you win a cash prize for the event.

When points are going to be paid to winners, the objective is to pay 1/3 of the field.  The number of flights are determined using this guideline. For example, if you have 9 players in a flight, three places will be paid.

At the end of the season, the Treasurer will submit the proposed value of a point to the President for review.  Once approved, the Treasurer will calculate the value of points earned for each player.  A check for pro shop credit will be sent to each club representing the members of that club. The club rep will inform each member of the amount of her credit being held in the pro shop.