The JWGA Championship is a 3 round gross competition alternating between stroke play in even years and match play in odd years.

2022-2023Tama Caldabaugh
2021-2022Susie Fonde
2020-2021Susie Fonde
2019-2020Event Not Held: Pandemic
2018-2019Shari Zeimetz
2017-2018Therese Quinn
2016-2017Sue Riegler
2015-2016Tama Caldabaugh
2014-2015Shirley Budden
2012-2014***Tama Caldabaugh
2011-2012Susie Fonde
2010-2011Tama Caldabaugh
2009-2010Shirley Budden
2008-2009Tama Caldabaugh
2007-2008Shirley Budden
2006-2007Paula Fairley
2005-2006Shirley Budden
2004-2005Susie Fonde
2003-2004Shirley Budden
2002-2003Tama Caldabaugh
2001-2002Patti Deschler
1996-2001***Kimberly Balaskiewicz
1995-1996Polly Wise
1994-1995Laurie White
1993-1994Susie Fonde
1992-1993Vickie Hemingway
1991-1992Michelle Bates
1990-1991Becky Rood Ward
1989-1990Vickie Hemingway
1987-1989***Becky Ward
1986-1987Mrs.Thomas Madison
1984-1986***Mrs. Suzie Snead
1983-1984Emily Brown
1982-1983Mrs. William H. Reuter
1980-1982***Mrs. Ralph Roberts
1979-1980Cindy Meyers Walker
1978-1979Mrs.Thomas Madison
1976-1978***Mrs. William H. Reuter
1975-1976Mrs. Robert Meaders
1974-1975Mrs. James Pringle
1973-1974Mrs. Robert Meaders
1971-1973***Mrs. Hugh Culverhouse
1969-1971***Mrs. James Pringle
1968-1969Mrs. Gilbert Ponsell Jr.
1967-1968Mrs.Thomas Madison
1965-1967***Mrs. Hugh Culverhouse
1964-1965Mrs. Frank L. Wood
1959-1964***Mrs. Hugh Culverhouse
1958-1959Mrs. Frances Owen Williams
1956-1958***Mrs. Hugh Culverhouse
1955-1956Mrs. Walter D. Shelly
1954-1955***Mrs. Frances Owen Williams
1946-1954***Miss Frances Owen
1943-1945No Championships
1938-1942***Miss Frances Owen
1937-1938Mrs. Brady S. Johnson
1933-1937***Miss Frances Owen
1932-1933Miss Mary Rogers
1931-1932Miss Frances Owen
1930-1931Mrs. Arthur C. Buzby
1928-1930***Mrs. Harry C. Dodge
1927-1928Miss Mary Clark
*** 2 or more years in succession!


Tama Caldabaugh