It is the responsibility of every player to have a basic understanding of the USGA Rules of Golf, but this may not always be possible.  Rule 20 provides guidance for procedures to resolve issues that may arise during the play of both match and stroke play events.  It is also fundamental that players are responsible for applying the Rules to themselves, recognizing when they have breached a Rule and to be honest in applying their own penalties.

JWGA Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and modified by JWGA Local Rules.  Local club rules do not apply unless specified by the Committee in the Terms of Competition for the event. Any local club rules will be superseded by JWGA Local rules.  See JWGA Local Rules and Terms for more details.


Upon completion of the round, scorecards MUST be reviewed, signed, and attested.  Scorecards should then be deposited in the box marked “scorecards.”

Rules Resources

The USGA Rules App is a good tool to learn the rules as well as reference all the rules and clarifications.

It is strongly recommended that you download the USGA Rules of Golf app to your phone for use, as needed.  It is a great resource for any golfer.

Rules Resources